The Manila Adventist Medical Center and Colleges observes the government policy of having a yearly medical examination of all students enrolled. The primary concern of the college is the well-balanced life and well-being of the students.

The Head of Health Services and Adventist Medical Center Manila (AMCM) physicians are designated for the maintenance of the health of the students in the College.

The Physical Examination consists of laboratory tests, dental and x-ray for all new and old students once a year. The main objectives are to assist, to eliminate and to detect early health problems that will deter the student’s academic performance, and affect his social, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Students are required to undergo the drug test and hepa screening for admission and promotion to higher levels.

Medical staff will attend to any student who is ill. Referral is made for special cases. Any student who had been sick with communicable disease like typhoid, measles, conjunctivitis and chicken pox should have a clearance from the school physician before resuming to his normal routine at school.

Annual Physical Examination. Upon enrolment all students are required to undergo Annual Physical Examination with the following services: Routine Test such as CBC, Urinalysis, drug test, X-RAY

Results of the laboratory tests will be evaluated by the AMCM physicians/college physician who will recommend the students to proceed to the next enrolment procedure if the result is acceptable. If a particular result needs a second opinion or repeat test, then it will be forwarded to the Office of the Director for Student Affairs and Services to decide if the case will be accepted or not (case-to-case basis).

Dental Health Services. Every first semester enrolment, all students are required to have a dental examination. Results are recorded and kept in the students file under college physician’s supervision.

During school days the college physician is in charge of the students’ healthcare. He is responsible as well for the first aid treatment of students such as wounds, fever, headaches, sore eyes, colds, cough, diarrhea, asthma, sprain and other minor illnesses. Cases requiring further evaluation and management will be referred to the medical specialists or to AMCM Hospital.