Privacy Policy for Manila Adventist College Faculty and Staff

Welcome to Manila Adventist College (MAC) Human Resources, Management, and Development (HRMD) Department.

MAC is committed to protecting the privacy of our workers’ personal information. We are required by law to protect personal information and comply with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and other relevant legislation relating to confidentiality and privacy.

This policy outlines the management of personal information at MAC to satisfy the requirements of this legislation and applies to all persons engaged in a contract of service (whether on a part-time, temporary, contractual/casual, or full-time positions) and interns and trainees working at or affiliated with/attached to us (collectively referred to as “employees”) as well as persons who have applied for any such position with the institution (“job applicants”), and all references to “employment” shall apply equally to internships and traineeships (as may be applicable).

By accepting employment with MAC, you expressly acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to all of the terms of this Privacy Policy as outlined below and as it may be modified by us from time to time with or without prior notice.

What We Collect?

MAC HRMD Department only collects personal information necessary to perform our functions. The nature of the information collected varies somewhat for each employee, depending on your employment responsibilities, the agency you are in, and other factors. The personal data that we process may include the following:

Personal Details. Personal data, such as but not limited to your name, gender, height, weight, blood type, citizenship, birth date, birthplace, age, civil status, SSS number, TIN, PhilHealth number, PAG-IBIG number, PRC license number;

Contact Details. Contact information, such as but not limited to your telephone or cellphone numbers, permanent and temporary addresses;

Family Reference. Contact information of your relatives, such as but not limited to your parent’s and spouse’s name (including their religion, birthdate, and occupation), children’s name (including their gender, birth date, and birthplace);

Educational Attainment. Education Information, such as but not limited to your primary, secondary and tertiary education; credentials, and training or seminars attended;

Employment History. Employment record, such as but not limited to the employer, your position, and years of service;

Medical Details. Medical information and medical history, such as, but not limited to physical exam results;

Closed-Circuit Television. Our hospital is also equipped with CCTV cameras to help us ensure the safety and security of the patients, the employees, and the establishment.

Anyone who sends unsolicited to the institution by any means (e.g., mail, email, fax) expressly consents to the storage, destruction, processing, or disclosure of the data, as well as any other reasonable business-related use by the Institution or any government agency of the unsolicited data. 

MAC will not knowingly collect or use personal data in any manner not consistent with this policy, as it may be amended from time to time, and applicable laws.

Why We Collect and How We Use Them?

The primary purposes for collection, storage, and/or use of your personal information include, but are not limited to: 

Human Resources Management and Development. We collect, store, analyze, and share (internally) Personal Information in order to attract, retain and motivate a highly qualified workforce. This includes recruiting, compensation planning, succession planning, reorganization needs, performance assessment, training, employee benefits administration, compliance with applicable legal requirements, and communication with employees and/or their representatives. 

Processes and Management. Personal information is used to run our business operations including, for example, scheduling work assignments, managing company assets, reporting and/or releasing public data (e.g., Annual Reports, etc.); and populating employee directories. Information may also be used to comply with government regulations.

Lifestyle Development. We use your health information to ensure and help you with your lifestyle development.

Safety and Security Management. We use such information as appropriate to ensure the safety and protection of employees, assets, resources, and communities. 

Communication and Identification. We use your personal information to identify you and communicate with you.

Legal request and investigation. We may disclose any data about our staff when, in our opinion, such disclosure is necessary to prevent fraud or to comply with any law, rule, or regulation of any governmental authority or any order of any court of competent jurisdiction.

Third-party service providers. We may, from time to time, outsource some or all of the operations of our business to third-party service providers. In such cases, it will be necessary for us to disclose your data to those service providers. In some cases, the service providers may collect data directly from you on our behalf. We restrict how such service providers may access, use and disclose your data.

Reporting Requirements. Your information may be disclosed to other agencies for reporting purposes as mandated and authorized by laws and regulations.

How We Protect, Store, and Retain Them?

MAC employs security measures and technologies, such as password protection, encryption, physical locks, etc., to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data. MAC has a specified manager to handle the staff information safely and properly and only authorized MAC personnel have access to this personal information. Moreover, we also consolidate rules and regulations, perform staff training, and conduct audits. We strive for secured and accurate maintenance of employees’ records to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, and leakage of employees’ personal information.

MAC will make reasonable efforts to secure personal information stored or transmitted electronically secure from hackers or other persons who are not authorized to access such information.

Unless otherwise provided by law or by appropriate policies, we will retain your relevant personal data indefinitely for historical and statistical purposes.

How We Share It?

MAC will only transfer information in circumstances where the information will have appropriate protection; where the transfer is necessary for the provision of service to the individual; or where consent has been obtained. 

We may have to share your personal data with a government agency, North Philippines Union Conference (NPUC), and Southern Asia Pacific Division (SSD) “third parties”, we require third parties to respect the security of your data and to treat in accordance with the law.

How You Can Access Your Personal Information?

To access your Personal Data, please contact our HRMD Department, (632) 8525-9191 to 98 loc. 213

Your Rights to Privacy

Right to be informed. You have the right to be informed on how we process the personal data that we collect and store about you. If you have concerns about how we collect, share, store, and secure your personal data. Feel free to ask our data protection officer.

Right to access. You have the right to reasonable access to your personal data, upon demand. You may ask our HRMD Department for the contents of your personal data, sources of how we obtain your personal data, the name, and address of the recipients of personal data, the reason for the disclosure of the personal data, the date when your personal data was last accessed and/or modified, and the identity of those who have controls over the processing of your personal data. 

Right to correct/rectify. You have the right to dispute the inaccuracy or error on the record. If you feel that there is inaccuracy or error in how we interpret, record, or modify your personal data, you may request for correction to our HRMD Department. Provided, that sufficient evidences are presented to support the claim.

Right to object. You have the right to object, suspend, withdraw, or order blocking, removal, or destruction of your personal data from the filing system. You have the right to retract the consent that we have obtained from you that would allow us to include your personal data in our trainings, researchers, and other processing system not covered by the employment process or any law.

Right to damages. You have the right to be indemnified for any damages. If you feel that you have sustained any damages due to our negligence in handling your personal data, you may request to see the Data Protection Officer.

Transmissibility of your Rights. Upon death or incapacity, your rights may be transferred to your lawful heirs.

How You May Exercise Your Rights?

Under the law, you may exercise the right to do what you wish with your personal data. Should you need to carry out this right, or should any concern or complaint arises, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

How You Can Contact Us?

For any complaints, concerns, or questions regarding the collection and use of your personal data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at

You may also visit us at:

Data Protection Office
Director’s Hall 
Adventist Medical Center and College Manila, Inc.
City of Pasay, Philippines
(632) 8525 9191 local 640

Changes to This Policy

MAC may change its privacy policy from time to time by posting the updated version of the MAC Privacy Policy Online.

You are encouraged to visit frequently to stay informed about how MAC uses or processes your personal information.