Core Values

These ten core values, using the acronym LEADERSHIP, reflect the spirit and ideals of the college community. They provide direction and focus towards accomplishing the Mission and Vision of the institution.

  • Lifestyle – Commitment to live a healthy, happy, productive, and well-balanced Christian life.
  • Excellence – Possession of the highest degree of personal, moral, spiritual qualities
  • Accountability – Personal responsibility for words, thoughts decisions, choices, and actions.
  • Diligence – Exertion of persevering and painstaking effort to accomplish an undertaking.
  • Empathy – A vicarious experience of another’s feelings and ideas.
  • Respect – High regard and consideration of others
  • Spirituality – Seeking earnestly to live in harmony and in a right relationship with God.
  • Honesty – Fairness, and trustworthiness of conduct.
  • Integrity – Ethical and moral conduct at all times in all relationships.
  • Patience – Endurance from evil, adversity, or pain with fortitude in attaining the desired end.